Bubblegum Hut is the 74th episode and the 2nd in World 15. It features levels 1086-1100.

Bubblegum Hut

Bubblegum hut is the 74th episode in reality and it is the second episode in World 15.This episode contains levels 1086-1100and it was released on July-August

Levels Edit

This episode is somewhat hard because there are currently six somewhat hard-hard levels which all contain 1086,1090,1091,1093,1096 and 1098 and it also contains a very notorious level which is graded very hard the level is level 1095 which is very hard to pass and deal with.

Hardest Level:Level 1095

Easiest Level:Level 1100

Moves: None 

Jelly: 9

Ingredients: 4

Timed: None

Candy Order: 2

Episode 74- Bubblegum Hut

 The previous episode is Cloudberry Creek and the next episode is currently Pastry Palace this episode is of similar difficulty as the previous episode