Candy Calaboose

Candy Calaboose

Episode 56
World World 10
Levels 816-830
Characters Easter Bunny
Champion title Unknown
New features None
Released January 21 2015
Difficulty Very Hard
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Caramel Clearing Nougat Noir
Candy Calaboose is the 56th episode and the 2nd episode in World 10. It features levels 816-830.


This episode is a very hard episode because it currently has five hard and somewhat hard levels which contain 823,826,828,829 and 830 there is also three very hard levels: 817,820 and 827.Level 829 used to be extremely difficult and it was one of the hardest levels in the game until it got nerfed.Overall this is a very hard episode and its much harder than the previous episode,Caramel Clearing

Levels Edit

This episode contains levels 816-830

It contains a lot of hard levels here.

Trivia Edit

This episode used to be insanely hard

There is no timed levels

There is no moves levels

Level Type Amounts:

Moves: None 

Jelly: 6

Ingredients: 4

Timed: None 

Candy Order: 5 

Episode 56- Candy Calaboose