Candy Crush Saga also known as Candy Crush is a very popular game that is made by matching three of the same candies in a row.This game was successfully released on March 2012 but it was April 2012 for Android and mobile devices.This game has currently over a 10,00 levels and more than 80 episodes

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Popularity Edit

Candy Crush Saga has had over five million downloads in December 2013 as it has most downloads on Mobile and on Facebook.

Most glitches on the game can make it frustrating and then less people will download the game because most ingriedient levels have glitches where the ingriedients steam down to the bottom,allowing players to pass the level with very high scores

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Blockers Edit

Blockers are common in Candy Crush Saga, see the Blockers page for more info about blockers.The blockers can take up to five hits and a cake bomb takes up to eight hits because of the pie shape.Blockers can be all sorts of different shapes and sizes

Blockers make levels much harder because it prevents a player from passing a level until they have cleared all the blockers on the level

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Candy Crush Saga has lots of elements in the game because there are all sorts of different shapes and sizes of blockers Candy Crush Saga has three types of special candy in the game these are colour bombs,wrapped candies and striped candies Candy crush saga has currently more than 25 different blockers and elements