The Rules

The chat rules are similar to the real rules but they are slightly different from the ordinary rules.Before joing the chat you should read these rules before joing.Breaking these rules can result you getting kicked or banned from the chat.Bold rules are the important rules which are taken very seriously.

Rule Restrictions Examples Punishments
No Swearing
  • Profanity on chat is not allowed
  • C-Bomb F-Bomb and S-Bomb not allowed
  • No words worse than "crap" , "hell" , "sucks"
  • Mild profanities not to be overused
Censored swearing is allowed: F*** this level

Not allowed: Uncensored Swearing

Swearing in chat can result a long ban of two weeks.

Permanent bans can be given if swearing is repeated and continously used

3 month chat ban without warning for C-Bomb

No spamming Spamming on chat is not allowed.

Absolutely no just saying words that just contain Fgghiy.

Do not leave blank spaces

Posting many chat messages that just contain "Hjuertb"

Leaving blank spaces on the chat.

Warning at first

A kick if continued

Another kick if the user spams a lot

A ban for 3 days or 1 week if continued.

Permanent bans can be given incase of severe repeated spam

No Insulting others 'Do not insult any users in the chat.'Absolutely no insulting others due to a personal dislike. F*** you all

Revert my edit or else I will come round your house and murder your family!

A warning at first followed by kicks

A kick if continued

A ban for up to 2 weeks if continued

Permabans can be given if insulting is repeated continously.

No Racism or insulting other countries
  • No offensive or racist language
  • No insulting other countries
  • No racism or racist words
  • This level is my n*g
  • You are a n*g because everyone dislikes you
  • Screw you: just go to hell and get screwed forever.Nobody likes you
A warning at first followed by kicks

A ban for up to 1 month if continued,

Permanent bans can be given if racist language is severe and repeated

Very Reputation harm

No trolling!
  • No trolling by saying all levels are very easy or by saying that games are easy
  • No trolling or creating a disturbance in any way
  • No causing drama on chat
Level 414 is very easy,try it now!

Candy Crush is the easiest game ever

Watch my video:x25

Most warnings at first.

A kick if continued

A ban for up to 2 weeks if continued

Permabans can be given if trolling is severe and repeated

Reputation harm