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Chocolate Mountains is the 4th episode and the 4th episode in World 1. It features levels 36-50. 

Episode 4- Chocolate Mountains

Episode 4
World World One
Levels 36-50
Characters Mr Yeti
Champion title Unknown
New features Licorice Lock
Released April 23 2012
Difficulty Somewhat Easy
Previous Next
Lemonade Lake Minty Meadow (Episode 5)

New Features Edit

-Licorice Lock (Official) (Level 36)

Level Type Amounts:

Moves: 2

Jelly: 8

Ingredients: 4

Timed: 1

Candy Order: None 

Difficulty Edit

  • This episode is somewhat easy even though it has three tricky levels
  • This episode has only one timed level unlike the previous two episodes
  • There are currently no four colour levels and most of the levels have six colours

Levels Edit

This episode contains levels 36-50

Chocolate mountains is a somewhat easy episode however it has three somewhat hard levels: 41, 46 and Level 50. However there are many easy levels. Overall this episode is slightly harder than the previous episode, Lemonade Lake.

Chocolate Mountains Background
Moves Icon Jelly Icon Ingredient Icon Timed Icon Candy Order Icon
2 8 4 1 0
The easiest :
Level 47
The hardest :
Level 50
The most fun :
Blue Orange Green Orange Green Blue Purple Red Orange Green Blue Purple Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
None None 8 7
Lockedhard Hexagon Levels
Jelly Icon Level 37 Jelly Icon Level 50
[[Level {{{Level #3}}}|Level {{{Level #3}}}]]
[[Level {{{Level #4}}}|Level {{{Level #4}}}]]
[[Level {{{Level #5}}}|Level {{{Level #5}}}]]}}}}}}}}}}
Sugar Drop icon Sugar Drop Levels
Moves Icon Level 36 Ingredient Icon Level 42 Timed Icon Level 43

 Difficulty coding

NoneVery EasyEasySomewhat EasyMediumSomewhat HardHardVery HardInsanely HardVariable

 Note that goals include target score.

? 2 3 5 2 3 ? ? ? ?


Episode 4- Chocolate Mountains