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Cookie Cabana is the eleventh episode of Dreamworld and is the fourth episode of World Two/Dreamworld.This episode was released on March 20th 2014 and it contains levels 141-155.Its the Dreamworld episode equivilant to the Reality episode: Gingerbread Glade.
Cookie Cabana

Cookie Cabana

Episode 11
World World Two/Dreamworld
Levels 141-155
Characters Witch
Champion title N/A
New features Three Layered Icing
Released March 20th 2014
Difficulty Medium
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Sparkle Submarino Dizzy Dessert

Story Edit

Before episode: The witch is annoyed by the gingebread moving around

After episode: Nothing happens

New Features Edit

This episode officially introduces three layered icing.(Breaf description): An icing that takes three hits to destroy until it disappears after three hits

Difficulty Edit

  • This episode has two timed levels that have been replaced with two very hard levels,jelly and Candy Order Level.
  • This episode is slightly easier than its Reality even though level 145 and 151 are very annoying.
  • The moonstruck may be too short for the levels in this episode and therefore annoying.
  • However level 147 is much easier than its reality on Facebook,on mobile it is the same difficulty
  • This episode has some easier levels which are much easier than its Reality like levels 143,147,152 and 155
  • Blockers are present in all levels in this episode

Levels Edit

This episode contains levels 141-155

Cookie Cabana is a medium episode having two hard levels: 141 and 149 and two very hard levels: 145 and 151.Overall it is of similar difficulty as the previous episode,Sparkle Submarino.

  • Hardest Level: Level 145 and 149
  • Easiest Level: Level 142 and 148
  • The Most Fun: ???

This episode currently contains five candy order levels,six jelly levels,three ingriedient levels and 1 moves level

There is all level types in this episode

Trivia Edit

  • This episode has alliteration
  • Like its Reality Counterpart there is all five level types in this episode
  • Blockers are present in all levels in this episode
  • This is one of the few episodes to be the colour:"brown"