Reality Dreamworld

Crazy Crossing is the eighth dreamworld episode and is the first episode of World Two/Dreamworld.This episode was released on January 23 2014.Its the Dreamworld episode which is equivilant to the Reality episode: Bubblegum Bridge.This episode contains levels 81-95.The champion title for this episode is unkown.

Crazy Crossing

Crazy Crossing

Episode 7
World World Two/Dreamworld
Levels 81-95
Characters Bubblegum Troll,Tiffi
Champion title N/A
New features Licorice Swirls
Released January 23 2014
Difficulty Medium
Previous Next
Twilight Egg Nerdy Nebula

Difficulty Edit

  • This is a medium episode as it only has four hard levels which all contain 84,89,91 and 95.This episode has similar difficulty as its Reality counterpart and it is much easier than the previous episode,Twilight Egg.
  • This episode has a lot of levels that used to be hard but now most of them got nerfed leaving only four hard levels to deal with
  • Becareful of your moves in those levels which have an unstable moonscale and a short moonstruck.

Story Edit

A star brings you into world two.This time Tiffi tries to steal bubblegum from the bubblegum troll.

New Features Edit

Licorice swirls are introducd on level 81 these will block the effects of a striped candy and a licorice swirl is very annoying on jelly levels which require you to clear a lot of jellies with licorice swirls on top of them.

Levels Edit

This episode contains levels 81-95

Hardest Level: Level 84 or 95
Easiest Level: Level 94
The Most Fun: ???
Jelly Levels: Six Jelly levels
Ingridient Levels: Seven Ingriedient Levels
Moves Levels: 1 Moves level

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is much easier than the previous episode
  • This episode begins the trend of having moves levels
  • Level 84 used to be insanely hard
  • No timed levels are present in this episode
  • The pathway on Facebook is completely different than mobile
  • This is the first episode of World Two