Delectable Depths is the 63rd episode and the 3rd episode in World 11. It features levels 921-935. This episode is the 63 episode in the game.It was released on May 13 2015.The Champion title for this episode is unkown.

Story Edit

Before episode: The jelly fish has her tentagles tangled

After Episode: Tiffi uses a Free Switch to untangle the the jellyfish tentagles.

Difficulty Edit

Delectable Depths

Delectable Depths

Episode 63
World World 11
Levels 921-935
Characters Jellyfish
Champion title Unknown
New features N/A
Released May 13 2015
Difficulty Hard - Very Hard
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Polka Park Minty Meadow (Episode 64)

 This episode is even harder than the previous episode because there are even more hard kevels in this episode than before as there are seven somewhat hard-hard levels: 922,923,925,929,931,933 and 935.As well as two very hard levels which are currently very difficult: 924 and 926.Overall it is a hard episode and of similar difficulty as the previous episode,Polka Park.There is currently a Hells Cluster from levels 922-926.

 Level 921: Medium

 Level 922: Hard

 Level 923: Hard

 Level 924: Very Hard

 Level 925: Somewhat Hard

 Level 926: Very Hard

 Level 927: Somewhat Easy

 Level 928: Medium

 Level 929: Hard

 Level 930: Medium

 Level 931: Somewhat Hard

 Level 932: Very Easy

 Level 933: Somewhat Hard

 Level 934: Easy

 Level 935: Somewhat Hard

New Features Edit

Nothing new is introduced

Levels Edit

This episode contains levels 921-935

The levels in this episode are hard be ause they are mainly jelly levels and all six colours present.Level 934 used to be insanely hard and it was almost impossible before it got nerfed as it was insanely hard and an ingriedient level which is typical for a level like that.

Hardest Level: Level 926

Easiest Level: Level 932

Level Type Amounts:

Moves: None

Jelly: 6

Ingredients: 6

Timed: None

Candy Order: 2 

Episode 63- Delectable Depths

Trivia Edit

  • This episode continues the trend where all episodes are at least Hard or higher.
  • Level 934 used to be insanely hard
  • The hard levels in this episode are mainly jelly levels
  • There is currently only two levels with four colours in this episode
  • There is a Hells cluster from levels 922-926
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