Reality Dreamworld
Dizzy Dessert is the 12th Dreamworld episode and is the sixth and final episode of World Two Dreamworld.This episode was released on April 3 2014.This episode contains levels 156-170.Its the Dreamworld episode equivilant to Pastille Pyramid.The champion title for this episode is currently unkown.
Dizzy Dessert

Dizzy Dessert

Episode 12
World World Two Dreamworld
Levels 156-170
Characters Rat,Mummy
Champion title N/A
New features Chocolate Spawner + Five layered icing(unoficial release)
Released April 3 2014
Difficulty Very Hard
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Cookie Cabana Cotton Carnival

Difficulty Edit

  • This episode is very hard even harder than Reality due to the very hard levels present in this episode
  • This episode has chocolate spawners in all leveks in this episode which makes it very hard to deal with the jelly levels
  • The jelly levels are difficult to deal with in this episode
  • It has many levels with a few moves short moonstruck and a very unstable moonscale
  • Also level 168 is intense to pass

New Features Edit

Chocolate spawner is officially released in this episode and level 166 has an unofficial release of five layered icing.Level 156 also is an introduction on levels with chocolate spawners.

Levels Edit

This episode contains levels 156-170

Dizzy Dessert has eight somewhat hard-hard levels including:156,158,161,162,164,165,167 and 169, one very hard level: 163 and one intense level: 168.Overall this is a very difficult episode and it is much harder than the previous episode,Cookie Crossing and its reality counterpart,Pastille Pyramid

  • Hardest Level: Level 168
  • Easiest Level: Level 159
  • The Most Fun: ???

There is currently five jelly levels,four ingriedient levels and six candy order levels

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is the third episode to have an insanely hard level
  • This episode is much harder than its reality
  • Chocolate spawners are pressnt in all levels in this episode
  • This episode has a Hell's Cluster from levels 161-165
  • No moves levels are present in this episode
  • The pathway of this episode is completely different from Facebook than Mobile