If you found any glitches that are to do with Levels fell free to report it here.

Candy Crush Saga Episodes GlitchesEdit

Episode is blackEdit

In some episodes there is a glitch where the picture of the episode does not appear instead of the picture of the episode it just leaves the picture black,this is a quire common glitch on most episodes.
  • Where is the picture of the episode?Go to Candy Town
  • Black background picture for Candy FactoryGo to Candy Factory
  • 7 lives instead of 5?Go to Lemonade Lake
  • Black background picture for Lemonade LakeGo to Lemonade Lake
  • Black background picture for Easter Bunny Hills
  • Black background glitch for Bubblegum Bridge
  • Black background glitch for Salty Canyon
  • Black background glitch for Peppermint Palace

in some episodes it looks like that you have unlocked the episode but as a glitch it sometimes shows that the episode is unlocked even if you have not got too that episode yet.

Lemonade Lake/Glitch

When an episode is unlocked there may be a glitch which causes the episode to lose its picture and become completely black and the episode picture is almost impossible to see. The glitch has now been fixed but if there is any more glitches feel free to report it here.

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