This page is about regular icing. For multi-layered icing, see Multilayered icing.
Regular icing

Icing, also known as regular icing or meringue, is a blocker in Candy Crush Saga. It is the first blocker encountered in the game, being introduced in the 3rd episode, Lemonade Lake, level 21, and is considered one of the easiest blockers to destroy.[1]


First Appearance Final Appearance
Level 21 Level 1288
Level 638/Dreamworld


Regular Icing Degrader

Degradation process

Icing is a stationary blocker that occupies only one space. It can be broken by making a match adjacent to it, or through any special candy effects reaching the blocker. As with all other blockers, jelly might be underneath it. If a jelly is underneath an icing, the player is required to first clear the icing before reaching the jelly. 20 points is given when one icing is cleared. This is a very easy blocker to destroy compared to the other blockers in the game.


If there is a large amount of icings to deal with, consider making a lot of special candies, such as striped candies and wrapped candies, to destroy them. The icing is immune to colour bomb itself.

  • Because of the previous name, regular meringue, not being an official name, it was often known by other names such as frosting, whipped cream, puff, cream, icing (official name), ice cream, cupcake, etc.
  • Along with marmalade, it is arguably one of the easiest blockers to destroy in the game.
    • However, sachets (or one-layered icing) can be cleared by a colour bomb hitting the candy next to it, while this can't.
  • The only significant difference between icing and multilayered icing is that the latter one can have additional layers.
  • The sound emitted when icing is destroyed sounds like a "puff", whereas the sound emitted when multilayered icing is destroyed sounds like a "crack". 
  • Despite both types being icing, regular icing and the multilayered icing have completely different textures.
  • After multilayered icing was introduced, regular icing became less common (lots of levels have sachets instead of regular icing).
  • This is the first blocker to be introduced in the game.
  • Despite making its first appearance in level 21 of Reality, it makes its first appearance in Dreamworld in level 1 (Facebook) (level 3 on mobile).
  • Level 1123 is the 100th level to have regular icing.



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