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Jelly level icon

A jelly level icon

Jelly is a common type of level that only appears in Candy Crush Saga, jelly is present on the board on every jelly level because to beat a jelly level you must clear all the jelly on the boar. Jelly can be difficult tomreach on some boards like levels,305,461 and many more insanely hard levels. Jelly can be single or double which makes it harder if the jellies are all double.

Locked candy bomb

A yellow candy bomb locked in a licorice lock with double jelly underneath it!

Blockers Edit

Blockers can be very annoying on jelly levels because they can prevent a player from passing a level and sometimes they are covering the jellies which makes it very hard to clear all the jellies. Blockers can be very annoying on jelly levels,This is also very troublesome on levels: 91,103,125,147,167,191,199,201,241,290,303,305,375,380,382,385,404,410,437,461,480,485 Blockers are very common in the game and even one blocker which is called Icing and only take one hit to destroy, this blocker can also be annoying as it starts from Level 21 and never ends in the game. Level 414 also used to be very hard because of Toffee Tornadoes but they were removed from the game.

Candy Bombs Edit

Not to be confused with Colour Bomb or Cake Bomb

Candy bombs can be very troublesome in the game because you must get rid of a Candy Bomb before it reaches zero(0) and if the bomb reaches zero then it will be an instant game over as this is how some levels are very hard or nearly impossible to pass

Level 6 instructions

How to play a jelly level

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