Jelly Fish also known as a fish,is a booster in Candy Crush Saga,it is won by getting it from the Daily Booster Wheel or from Sugar drop feature,it can also be won when collecting rewards and when buying it for 9 gold bars


Jelly fish only appear in jelly levels because when you activate a jelly fish it will clear three random pieces of jelly in any jelly level.Jelly fish are also known as fish and they can be combined with other special candies such as Striped Candies,Wrapped Candies and they can be combined with colour bombs but for unkown reasons you cannot combine two jelly fish together and you cannot combine a jelly fish and a Coconut Wheel together.

Appearence Edit

Jelly fish look like normal fish but they can come in all different colours of Candies on the board and they can become striped fish or wrapped fish,a colour bomb fish will simply generate three more fish and then twelve fish will come and eat jellies which means that you will get fifteen jelly fish swipe on the board.

When you have completed a jelly level,jelly fish will swamp on the board and they will eat candies to score you additional points on a jelly level.

Jelly fish only clear three jellies in one move unless you combine it with another special candy or a Colour Bomb.

Combinations Edit

This is what the jelly fish will do if you combine it with other special candies

Special candy What it does
Makes three jelly fish turn into striped fish
Makes three jelly fish turn into wrapped fish
Colour Bomb
Generates three more jelly fish and then it generates another three jelly fish
Nothing happens
Nothing happens

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