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Level 12 is the second level of Candy Factory and is the second ingriedient level in the game.To pass this level you must bring down one hazlenut and three cherries.Once you complete this level,Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points.
Level 12

Level 12


  • This level is a very easy level but it is harder than the previous level because there is fewer moves and more ingriedients required.
  • There is also no blockers in this level so its very easy to pass
  • This level can be easily done with five colours and 35 moves
Level 12
Candy Colours: 5
Episode: Candy Factory
Moves: 35
Difficulty: Very Easy
Level Type: Ingriedient level
Next Level: Level 13
Previous Level: Level 11

Stategy Edit

Bring down the ingriedients as quickly as you can as you only have 35 moves and there is five colours and no blockers present in this level.Try to get all the ingriedients down unlike the previous level which is very easy.

Also you can easily pass this level if you have some very lucky moves available to make special candies

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first level to require four ingriedients
  • This level may prove a challenge to some players because there is much fewer moves and many more ingriedients required
  • This level is the first level to have 35 moves
  • This is the 12th level in a row which is graded very easy