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Level 13 is the third level of Candy Factory and is the sixth jelly level in the game.To pass this level you must clear 23 single jelly squares in 21 moves or fewer.Once you complete this level,Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points.

Level 13

Level 13

Level 13
Candy Colours: 6
Episode: Candy Factory
Moves: 21
Difficulty: Somewhat Easy
Level Type: Jelly


Next Level: Level 14
Previous Level: Level 12


  • This level is quite tricky as you only have 21 moves all six colours and holes in the board making it harder to pass.
  • All six colours are present,this level is possible to fail as you have only 21 moves
  • This level can prove a challenge for some players as it is the hardest level in Candy Factory


This level is a tricky level but do not worry because it is easy to do it just look for moves near the holes on the board and then look for moves making special candies.If you are stuck you can use the jelly fish booster or a colour bomb to start off the level.


  • This level unlocks a new booster which is a colour bomb
  • This is a tricky leve
  • This level breaks the trend where all levels are very easy
  • This level can prove a challenge