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Level 14 is the fourth level of Candy Factory and is the seventh Jelly Level in the game.To pass this level you must clear 45 single jelly squares in 40 moves or fewer.Once you complete this level,Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points.

Level 14
Level 13
Candy Colours: 6
Episode: Candy Factory
Moves: 40
Difficulty: Easy
Level Type: Jelly
Next Level: Level 15
Previous Level: Level 13


This level is an easy level because you can follow the stategy below to get started on this level.

  • There is all six colours present in this level
  • You only have 40 moves to clear all 45 double jelly squares
  • After a nerf its is now much easier to clear all the jellies because they are not covering the entire board
  • This level is possible to fail as you only have 40 moves and six colours,there is also jellies in the corners making it harder to pass this level
  • There is no blockers present in this level so it is not that hard atall even though there is six colours
  • The jellies already give you enough points to beat this level

Stategy Edit

If you are finding this level a serious challenge then you can follow this stategy to get started on this level.Do not waste any moves because all six colours are present on the board and it is possible to lose this level.If you are stuck you can use boosters to help you like jelly fish or a colour bomb to get started.

  1. Clear the jellies in the corners as they are the hardest to clear
  2. Look for any moves to clear any jellies on the board
  3. Look for any remaining jellies as you may miss them
  4. Now you have done this level you can go on to the next very easy level

Trivia Edit

  • This level is a tricky level before it got nerfed because it used to be medium and some players were annoyed with it
  • This is the first level to have 40 moves
  • This is the 14th level in a row without blockers
  • No boosters are present in the board of this leve
  • This is the second tricky level in the game and its the first level to be graded easy