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Level 18 is the eighth level in Candy Factory and is the ninth jelly level in the game.To pass this level you must clear 22 double jelly squares in 16 moves or fewer.Once you have complete this level,Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points.
Level 18
Level 18
Candy Colours: 4
Episode: Candy Factory
Moves: 16
Spaces: 50
Difficulty: Easy
Level Type: Jelly
Next Level: Level 19
Previous Level: Level 17

Difficulty Edit

  • This level may look hard but it is actually quite easy because there are four colours and the target score is very easy to reach
  • The only thing what makes this level harder is that the jellies are in an awjard shape and you only have 16 moves
  • Also there is four holes in the middle of the board which makes it harder to reach the jellies
  • After a nerf there is four colours and much fewer jellies on the board

Strategy Edit

The best way to do this level is if you concentrate on clearing all the jellies because that is the main object to do this level,if you are lucky you may find some moves to clear the jellies as you only have 16 moves.Remember that it is very easy to make special candies because there are four colours.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first level to have holes in the board
  • This level used to be hard but then it got nerfed just like level 19
  • This is the 19th level in a row without any blockers
  • This is the first level to have 16 moves
  • This level is shaped like a diamond with a + sign in the middle
Level 18

Level 18