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Level 30 is the tenth level of Lemonade Lake and is the eighth ingriedient level in the game.To pass this level you must bring down three hazlenuts and three cherries and score at least ? points in 60 moves or fewer.Once you complete this level,Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points.
Level 30
Level 30
Level 30
Episode Lemonade Lake
Level type Unknown
Moves 60
Target score Unknown
Blockers Regular icing
Other features None
Number of
candy colors
Number of spaces 81
Difficulty Somewhat Hard
Previous Current Next
Level 29 Level 30 Level 31

Difficulty Edit

  • This level is currently somewhat hard and the hardest level in this episode because there are many things that make this level hard:
  • There is a mountain of icing at the bottom of the board
  • The board has all six colours making it difficult to create special candies and clear most of the Blockers
  • If an ingriedient drops in the corner it is harder to bring it down
  • Even though there is six colours it is fairly easy to make special candies with all the given spaces

Stars Edit

Two Stars
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Strategy Edit

This level is quite difficult but it is possible to do,first thing is that you should look out for any possible moves to clear the mountain of icing at the bottom of the board

Next you should focus on getting all the ingriedients down to the bottom because that is the main object of what you should do in this level

Once all the icing is cleared there should be room to make special candies and combinations together as the board has all 81 spaces

Trivia Edit

  • This is the fifth level in a row to have all 81 spaces
  • This is the first ingriedient level that is graded somewhat hard
  • This level breaks the trend of easy ingriedient levels
  • With two levels in a row being somewhat hard this level may seem a challenge to some players
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