File:Candy Crush Saga Level 7
Level 7

Level 7
Candy Colours: 5
Episode: Candy Town
Moves: 50
Difficulty: Very Easy
Next Level: Level 8
Previous Level: Level 6


This level is a very easy level because you can easily clear the jellies in 50 moves or fewer it is very easy because the jellies do not cover the whole board also there is six colours making it slightly harder to clear the jellies.It is possible to fail this level.Also there is 50 moves available and a striped candy together on the board.


The best way to pass this level is if you can clear all the jellies as quickly as you can because you have got 50 moves and a striped + striped candy combination at the start of this level,do not waste any moves bevause you can miss your chance of passing this level.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first level where its not an introduction level
  • This level is the seventh very easy level in a row
  • This is the first level in the game to have 50 moves