Moves levels also known as levels where you have to reach the target score can be found on this page, a list of moves levels can be found on this page. Moves levels are currently the rarest level type as they appear rarely in the game. Candy Town currently has the most moves levels of any episode.

Moves level icon

A moves level icon

Level Difficulty Moves Candies Target
Moves Icon



of spaces


level number

1 Very Easy 6 6 300 points 20 1 Easiest

moves level in the game, impossible

to fail

2 Very Easy 15 5 2
3 Very Easy 6 3
Level 4 #00FFFF 4
5 Very Easy 6 5
36 Very Easy 6 6
Level 47 Very Easy 6 7
96 Easy 8 First moves level to have candy bombs
97 Medium 9
Level 98 Somewhat


110 Medium 11
114 Very Easy 12
Level 122 Hard 13
Level 144 Medium 14

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