Aurora ChocorealisAurora Chocorealis PollBiscuit Bungalow
BlockersBonbon BathsBoneyard Bonanza
Bubblegum BridgeBubblegum HutButterscotch Boulders
CandiesCandy CalabooseCandy Clouds (Episode 20)
Candy Clouds (Episode 67)Candy Crush SagaCandy Crush Saga Levels Wikia
Candy FactoryCandy TownCandy Town/Poll
Caramel ClearingCaramel CoveCaramel Keep
Cereal SeaChat RulesCherry Chateau
Chewy CitadelChoco Rio GrandeChocolate
Chocolate BarnChocolate MountainsCloudberry Creek
Coco CrossroadsColour BombCookie Cabana
Cookie CrossingCotton CarnivalCrazy Crossing
Crumbly CoastCrunchy CastleCrunchy Courtyard
Cupcake CircusDelectable DepthsDelicious Drifts
Difficulty/SandboxDifficulty coloursDizzy Dessert
Easter Bunny HillsEggnog EmporiumFizzy Falls
Fudge FjordFudge IslandsFunky Factory
Gingerbread GladeGlazed GroveGlitch/Episodes
Gummy GalaxyGummy GardensHardest Episode in the game poll
Hardest Level in the game pollHoliday HutHoney Hot Tub
Ice Cream CavesIcingJelly
Jelly FishJelly JungleJelly Wagon
Lemonade LakeLevel 1Level 1/Dreamworld
Level 10Level 11Level 12
Level 13Level 14Level 15
Level 15/PollLevel 16Level 17
Level 18Level 19Level 2
Level 2/DreamworldLevel 20Level 21
Level 22Level 23Level 23/Poll
Level 24Level 25Level 26
Level 26/PollLevel 27Level 27/Poll
Level 28Level 29Level 3
Level 3/DreamworldLevel 3/PollLevel 30
Level 31Level 31/PollLevel 32
Level 33Level 34Level 34/Poll
Level 35Level 35/PollLevel 36
Level 36/PollLevel 37Level 38
Level 39Level 39/PollLevel 4
Level 4/PollLevel 40Level 41
Level 42Level 43Level 43/Poll
Level 44Level 44/PollLevel 45
Level 45/PollLevel 46Level 461 Poll
Level 47Level 47/PollLevel 48
Level 49Level 49/PollLevel 5
Level 5/PollLevel 50Level 51
Level 52Level 53Level 53/Poll
Level 54Level 55Level 55/Poll
Level 56Level 56/PollLevel 57
Level 57/PollLevel 6Level 7
Level 8Level 9Level 9/Poll
Level 9/VersionsLevel 966Licorice Tower
List of Moves LevelsLivesLollipop Hammer
Lollipop LanternsLuscious LagoonMarmalade Meadow
Marshmallow MountainsMellow MarshmallowMeringue Moor
Minty Meadow (Episode 5)Minty Meadow (Episode 64)Moves
Munchy MonolithNerdy NebulaNicknames
Nougat NoirPastille PyramidPastry Palace
Pearly White PlainsPeppermint PalacePolka Park
PolkapaloozaPudding PagodaRainbow Runway
Raspberry RacesSalty CanyonSavory Shores
Siberian SorbetSleepy SlopesSoda Swamp (Episode 29)
Soda Swamp (Episode 66)Sour SalonSparkle Submarino
Special CandiesSticky SavannahStriped Candy
Sugary ShireSweet DreamsSweet Surprise
Taffy TropicsTasty TreasuryTeapot Tower
Tiki FiestaToffee TowerTruffle Terrace
Twilight EggWafer WharfWafer Windmill
World 11World EightWorld Eleven
World FifteenWorld FiveWorld Four
World FourteenWorld NineWorld One
World One/DreamworldWorld One DreamworldWorld Seven
World SixWorld TenWorld Thirteen
World ThreeWorld TwelveWorld Two
World Two/DreamworldWrapped Candy

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