Moves are very common in Candy Crush Saga, they appear in every level and in every game. When you make a match your moves will decrease by one and if you run out of moves then the level will end which means if you have not completed the level goal and you run out of moves it means it is a game over.

50 Moves

50 moves to go!

Moves Edit

Moves can appear in every level going but a low number of moves can make a level hard because the game will end quickly especially if there is a lt of blockers to get through and then there is a very low number of moves available.

Levels with moves Edit

Every single level in the game has moves but timed levels do not have any moves because it is on a timer, each level has a certain amount of moves ranging from a mere 5 moves on Level 976, Level 1055 and Level 463/Dreamworld and a massive 75 moves on Level 696 but the other version of Level 15 used to have 90 moves which was the most number of moves in the whole game


Moves can be different because some levels have 35 moves and some levels can have up to 75 moves but mostly to make a level very hard it mostly has a very low number of moves which makes the game end easier. This is why moves can be one of the most hated elements in the game as every switch costs a move and every game over costs a live.

35 moves
Candy Crush Saga Level 493 No Booster-002:53

Candy Crush Saga Level 493 No Booster-0

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