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Nerdy Nebula is the eighth Dreamworld episode and is the second episode of World Two/Dreamworld.This episode was released on February 6 2014.Its the Dreamworld episode which is equivilant to the Reality episode,Salty Canyon.This episode contains levels 96-110.The champion title for this episode is unkown.

Nerdy Nebula

Nerdy Nebula

Episode 8
World World Two/Dreamworld
Levels 96-110
Characters Tiffi
Champion title N/A
New features Candy Bombs
Released February 6th 2014
Difficulty Very Hard - Insanely Hard
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Crazy Crossing Bonbon Baths

Difficulty Edit

  • This is a very hard episode as it has many levels with an unstable moonscale and it has a very short moonstruck
  • Level 101,104 and 109 are the hardest levels in this episode and they are very troublesome.
  • All levels in this episode have candy bombs which makes it significantly harder to pass the hard levels in this episode
  • There is also an insanely hard level in this episode and that contains level 109
  • Level 101 and 104 are also very hard to deal with in this episode due to the very unstable moonscale and very short moonstruck
  • This is a very hard - insanely hard episode.

New Features Edit

Candy Bombs are introduced in this episode these will have a seperate amount of moves on them and and if you don't clear them once they reach 0 they will explode and will end the level.

Levels Edit

This episode contains levels 96-110

Nerdy Nebula is a very hard - insanely hard episode ad there is three hard levels: 105,107 and 108 as well as four very hard levels: 101,102,103 and 104.And one insanely hard level: 109.All in it this episode is very hard - insanely hard and much harder than the previous episode,Crazy Crossing.There are nine jelly levels,four moves levels and two ingriedient levels.The hardest level is level 109.

  • Hardest Level: Level 109
  • Easiest Level: Level 96
Level Difficulty Level Type
96 Easy Moves Level
97 Somewhat Easy Moves Level
98 Somewhat Easy Moves Level
99 Somewhat Easy Jelly Level
100 Medium Jelly Level
101 Very Hard Ingriedient Level
102 Very Hard Ingriedient Level
103 Very Hard Jelly Level
104 Very Hard Jelly Level
105 Hard Jelly Level
106 Medium Jelly Level
107 Somewhat Hard Jelly Level
108 Hard Jelly Level
109 Insanely Hard Jelly Level
110 Somewhat Easy Moves Level

Trivia Edit

  • This episode has candy bombs
  • There is a lot of blockers in this episode
  • This episode has blockers in every level
  • Most levels in this episode have a very short moonstruck
  • Jelly levels are problematic in this episod