We can use these nicknames to have a nickname for every user.If you find that you are not on the list or I have not made a nickname for you,feel free to add it yourself!

Candy crush candy
User Nickname
EeveeLover1988 Eevee
ChaneyTheSamurott Chaney or Samurott
Olaf-Tiffi-Odus2711 Olaf or Mr. Tupo
Jacob5664 Jacob
Not real name Not real name
3primetime3 Primetime
Roseturnip Rose
CandyCrusher4569 CandyCrusher
3litecandycrusher 3lite
Catinthedark Cat
User:Lefty7788 Lefty
User:Emmaelise401 Emma
Flockky II Flockky
Milos Ivanis Milos
Spongebob194 Spongebob
LucasH181 Lucas
Supermario3459 Mario
Wildoneshelper Wildones

Detrimental Users

The following users are detrimental users.

User Reason
Winter326 Trolling
Lisa Trampota Misbehaving constantly
KoolAgain Sockpuppeting + detrimental user
Fiona Fortuna Keeps on talking about gross things + sockpuppeting
Filiiii Swearing Removing content from pages + profanity: calling Rose F***turnip

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