Pastry Palace is at the moment an unreleased episode. It will feature levels 1101-1115.

Pastry Palace

Pastry Palace

Episode 75
World World 15
Levels 1101-1115
Characters Rapunzel,Tiffi
Champion title Unknown
New features N/A
Released July 29th 2015
Difficulty Medium - Somewhat Hard
Previous Next
Bubblegum Hut Raspberry Races

Pastry Palace was released on August 5th 2015.This episode contains levels 1101-1115.The champion title for this episode is unkown.This episode is the second episode of World 15 and is currently the 75th episode in the game.

Difficulty Edit

Pastry Palace is a medium - somewhat hard episode as it has some fairly hard levels like 1103,1107,1114 and there is also two very hard levels which include levels 1101 and 1102.Overall this episode is slightly easier than the previous episode,Bubblegum Hut.It has a lot of 5 colour levels to deal with.

Levels Edit

This episode contains levels 1101-1115

The levels in this episode are medium because it has a very hard episode opener that used to be insanely hard and then Level 1107 got buffed so it makes that level hard to pass however it is still a medium - somewhat hard episode despite these hard and very hard levels in this episode which are at the start of the episode.

Hardest Level: Level 1101

Easiest Level: Level 1115

New Features Edit

Nothing new is introduced or added

Trivia Edit

  • This episode use to have an insanely hard opener
  • Most of the hard levels come at the beggining of this episodr
  • This episode used to be hard
  • Level 1107 has been buffed now its hard
Episode 75