Polka Park is the 62nd episode and the 2nd episode in World 11. It features levels 906-920. 

Polka Palk is the 62 episode in Candy Crush Saga and is the 2nd episode in World 11This episode was released on April 29 2015.The champion title for this episode is Bubblegum Barber.This episode contains levels 906-920.

Polka Park

Unicorn Fountain

Episode 62
World World 11
Levels 906-920
Characters Unicorn,Cherry Baroness,Tiffi
Champion title Bubblegum Barber
New features N/A
Released April 29 2015
Difficulty Hard
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Crumbly Coast Delectable Depths


This episode has many hard and very hard levels to deal with such as 908,912,913,915 and 919.You should be careful of them and you should not waste your moves on those six colour levels which are hard to create special candies,


This episode contains levels 906-920.

Polka Palk has seven somewhat hard-hard levels like 907,908,911,914,915,917 and 919 as well as two very hard levels which include levels 912 and 913.Level 914 used to be insanely hard but due to the nerf it is only somewhat hard now.Overall this is a hard episode and is just as hard as the previous episode,Crumbly Coast.This episode contains a Hells Cluster from levels 911 to 915.

Hardest Level: Level 912

Easiest Level: Level 906

Level 906: Very Easy

Level 907: Somewhat Hard

Level 908: Hard

Level 909: Easy

Level 910: Somewhat Easy

Level 911: Hard

Level 912: Very Hard

Level 913: Very Hard

Level 914: Somewhat Hard

Level 915: Hard

Level 916: Medium

Level 917: Somewhat Hard

Level 918: Medium

Level 919: Hard

Level 920: Easy


  • This episode has many 6 colour levels to deal with
  • There is only one four colour level in this episode
  • This episode continues the trend where all episodes are at least Hard
  • Level 908 is a very hard level to deal with
  • Level 914 used to be insanely hard
  • This episode contains a Hells Cluster from levels 911-915
    Polka Palk Background

Level Type Amounts:

Moves: None

Jelly: 8

Ingredients: 5

Timed: None

Candy Order: 2 

Episode 62- Polka Park