Special Candies are common in Candy Crush Saga, they are firmed by matching four, five or a L or T shape to make a special candy. Each special candy has its own effect and color and they can be mixed with other special candies. The full list of special candies can be found on this page

Candy crush candy
Special candy Effect Name How to create it
Colour bombs-0
Removes one colour from the board Color Bomb Match five of the same candies in a row
Crrates a double explosion which will blast twice Wrapped


Match a T or L shape of candies in a row
Blasts a row either vertically or horizontally Striped Match four of the same candies in a row
Other Special candies
Special Candies
The following special candies appear in later levels
Special Candy Effect Name
Timed Level Candy
Gives you five extra seconds Timed candy


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