A striped candy which is known as a blaster is a special candy which apperars in Candy Crush Saga.This type of special candy will blast one row vertically or horizontally it is a good special candy to use as it will help you finish a level especially a jelly level because if a jelly level has insolated jellies or if the jellies are very hard to reach then a striped candy will help you the introduction on making striped candies starts on Level 2 because striped candies can also help you reach the target score as they may be helpful if you have lots of them on the board.Striped candies can blast rows vertically or horizontally and they can help with all kinds of levels because striped candies are helpful for Candy order levels as they may require lots of stripped candies but they may require lots of striped candies up to 100 so its impossible to create all those striped candies yourself and the only way to do that is if you mix the striped candies with other special candies like a colour bomb can be mixed with a striped candy to make the board full of striped candies and this is very helpful in candy order levels or jelly levels it is also helpful for getting all the ingriedients down to the bottom of the board in levels with lots of blockers or if they require lots of combos to deal with.


A red striped candy

Mixing with other special candies Edit

Striped candies can be mixed with other special candies aswell ad they can be mixed with all special candies.See the list here for more details about mixing a striped candy with another special candy.

Striped + Striped:This combination will create a vertical and a horizontal striped candy combination and it will create two striped candies that go in a + shape.

Striped + wrapped: This is a very powerful combinationmthis combination will create a very big striped and wrapped combo and it will clear three very big spaces in a + shape this combination is very powerful and it will generate three striped candies that go in both ways vertical and horizontal ways.

Striped + Colour Bomb: This combination is the most powerful combination of all as this combination will turn one colour of the board into striped candies and it will clear most of the jellies and it really helps if there is striped candies as the order of a candy order level it is currently very hard to make this combination,however with four colours its an easy combination to make.

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