Reality Dreamworld

Twilight Egg is the sixth Dreamworld episode and is the sixth and the final episode of World One/Dreamworld.This episode was released on January 23 2014.Its the Dreamworld episode which is equivilant to the Reality episode,Easter Bunny Hills.This episode contains levels 66-80.The champion title for this episode is unknown.

Twilight Egg

Twilight Egg

Episode 6
World World One/Dreamworld
Levels 66-80
Characters Easter Bunny
Champion title N/A
New features Teleporters
Released January 23 2014
Difficulty Very Hard - Insanely Hard
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Lollipop Lanterns Crazy Crossing

Difficulty Edit

This episode is much harder than the previous episode as it has so many very hard levels to deal with such as 67,68,70,73,78 and yet it also has more hard levels like 69,72,76,77,79 and 80.This episode is very hard to pass and level 70 is insanely hard nearly intense to pass.As a result it is much harder than the previous episode,Lollipop Lanterns and its Reality Counterpart,Easter Bunny Hills.This episode has many levels with a few moves and a very unstable moonscale it also is nearly impossible to pass these levels.

New Features Edit

Teleporters are oficially introduced in level 66 these will let candies travel through to the other side of the board.

Teleporters also appear n every single level in this episode.

Levels Edit

This episode contains levels 66-80

Twilight Egg is a very hard episode as it has six somewhat hard-hard levels: 69,72,76,77,79 and 80.As well as four very hard levels: 67,68,73 and 78 and one insanely hard level: 70.Overall it is much harder than the previous episode,Lollipop Lanterns and its Reality counterpart,Easter Bunny Hills.

Hardest Level: Level 70
Easiest Level: Level 75
Most Fun: ??
Ingriedient Levels 5 Ingriedient Levels
Jelly Levels: 9 Jelly Levels

Level Difficulty Type of level B
66 Easy Ingriedient Level
67 Very Hard Jelly Level
68 Very Hard Jelly Level
69 Somewhat Hard Jelly Level
70 Insanely Hard Jelly Level
71 Somewhat Easy Jelly Level
72 Hard Ingriedient Level
73 Very Hard Jelly Level
74 Somewhat Easy Ingriedient Level
75 Easy Jelly Level
76 Somewhat Hard Ingriedient Level
77 Somewhat Hard Jelly Level
78 Very Hard Ingriedient Level
79 Somewhat Hard Jelly Level
80 Somewhat Hard Ingriedient Level

Trivia Edit

  • This episode has only two level types
  • This episode is the first hard episode
  • There is no moves levels
  • The hardest level is insanely hard
  • This episode is extremely hard
  • This episode is much harder than its Reality