Wrapped Candy is one of the main special candies in Candy Crush Saga. It is a regular candy in a similar coloured wrapper. They are formed by 5 candies of the same color in an L or T shape, when formed they award 200 points and 540 points (on mobile devices, 480 points on Facebook) when activated.


When it is activated, it explodes and 8 surrounding candies (3x3 board space) are cleared. Then the candy that exploded will flash and wait until all candies are fully dropped and will explode a second time. This is why Wrapped Candies destroy more candies than a Striped Candy, but it doesn't have a long range.

On web version, if after the first explosion there is a candy match that is linked to the same colour as the wrapped candy, the match will work (even make special candies if it's longer than 3) and destroy the other candies first. Then it will finally explode the second time. This creates more candy destruction.

Combinations with Special Candies WRAPPED CANDY OTHER SPECIAL CANDY EFFECT Wrapped Candy Striped Candy A giant striped candy that takes up a 3x3 area clears all candies vertically and horizontally. Wrapped Candy Wrapped Candy Both wrapped candies will go off twice as usual, except that the blast range becomes 5x5 for both. Wrapped Candy Colour Bomb First, the Wrapped Candy will go off like a regular Colour Bomb and destroy every candy of the colour the wrapped candy was, leaving a flashing Colour Bomb. Then, if the flashing Colour Bomb is not triggered by something else, it will go off and destroy the most abundant candy colour. Wrapped Candy Jelly Fish This creates three wrapped jelly fish which convert any eaten candy into wrapped candies and activates them. Wrapped Candy Coconut Wheel The coconut wheel follows the full path vertically or horizontally, depending on the way you switched it, and will convert the whole row/column into wrapped candies which then activate.


Trivia Edit

  • A wrapped candy will explode candies twice
  • Wrapped candies are made in a L or a T shape
  • There is no wrapped candies starting on the board before level 186
  • Most hard levels have no wrapped candies
  • Wrapped candies can be helpful for jelly levels